chandramohan CHANDRA

chandramohan CHANDRA

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First Name * chandramohan
Last Name * CHANDRA
Username * chandramohansahani
Country * India
City Mumbai
Nationality indian
Languages EnglishHindi


Areas of Expertise student
Preferred Tools character modeling& texturing in maya & maxphotoshopconcept artlightingaftereffectsfinal cut procombustioncompositingediting



Hello guys,
I am chandra and I feel very happy that I am a part of this creative industry.Professionally I create Concept Arts, Character Modeling and all the thing which are possible or not in this real world.I create them hmm...........
I create ....
When I work on my concepts,I always feel that I am a part of that......
I love to create my own artwork where I can imagine & create something new in each n every second which made me crazy about my art.